Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chili Reception

It's been a while since I recipe blogged, so....

Well, actually, this isn't my recipe, it's TFR's.

And it really isn't a recipe, so much as a brag about what TFR managed to do on short notice.

Friday will be payday, so naturally, the budget's tight, and we have to go with what's in the freezer/fridge. Last night, since she doesn't work Mondays, TFR asked if she could cook so I could relax for once during mealtime. Lord, I love that woman.

I'd pulled a pound of hamburger (ok, ground buffalo) out of the freezer, and we'd agreed on chili. TFR started pulling out leftovers and working with them, and the results were delicious. So here's what she used:

1 lb. hamburger
1 14 oz. container salsa
1/2 cup of hubby's leftover pizza sauce
1 can beans

brown hamburger in a skillet. Add other ingredients, simmer for 30 minutes over medium heat.