Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Minor Distinctions

Thanks for the Memory to Mean Mr. Mustard.

"The Christian right in America is the mirror image of the Islamic fundamentalists," according to Anti-Christian British fantasy author Philip Pullman.

Except, as Beautiful Atrocities, its readers, and Russell at MMM point out, "for jihad, suicide bombers, beheadings-of-the-week, honor killings, child-murders, Sharia law, genocide, comparison-shopping the best deal for exploding your kids, slavery, fatwas, polygamy, female circumcision, attitudes toward the Jews in general and Israel in particular (Thanks BA reader Neal), the subjugation of women, tribalism, genital mutilation, and dhimmitude."

Thanks, Mr. Pullman, thanks for reminding me that I, I'm the disciple of hate, and you, you're the champion of tolerance.

Limbo Ain't Just a Dance, You Know...

This is the week at the new job where we're supposed to be transitioning from training to actually doing the job. We were supposed to be taking calls in a training room yesterday and today, with tomorrow being our first day at our desk taking calls on a regular schedule. Unfortunately, they have not set up our phone extensions or our access to our account tracking tools, so things have been kind of weird. It's a bit distracting, so I apologize if the blog gets the short shrift for a couple of days.

In better news, I handled my first irate customer on the phone during a mentoring session yesterday. And the best part was, it wasn't my fault -- the customer was angry about a company policy. So I arranged for a call-back and sent him on his way. You may think it odd that I call this good news, but that kind of call is inevitable in the Tech Support industry, and now I feel like I have that under the bridge, so I feel more relaxed about the job in general.