Thursday, December 03, 2009

Win, Ducks, Win!

"OSU will fight till the end but WE WILL WIN!"

Roses, baby! We're going to Pasadena! Well, at least my team is. Oregon beat Oregon State tonight, 37-33. With that win, we clinch the PAC-10 championship outright, and seal a trip to the Rose Bowl.

I'm actually glad the game was close. over the last few years, the theme among OSU fans has been that the Ducks are the flashy, prima donna team, all show and no substance,while they, the Beavers, are therd-working, tough, scrappy team.

Well, tonight, the Ducks dispelled that myth. They trailed at half time, and came back in the second half. They held on late when OSU threatend again, and when it was gut check time, they passed -- on FOurth anf Three, Masoli took a broken passp lay and ran it for four yards. Three plays later, the Ducks got another crucial first down, and that was the game.

So well played, OSU, but better luck next time. Good luck in your bowl game -- I'd love to see a PAC-10 sweep.

We'll be doing our best to do our part in Pasadena.