Thursday, October 27, 2005

Killing a Beaten Horse

Thanks for the Memory to Michelle Malkin via The LlamaButchers.

Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the SCOTUS

I'm relieved, but I'm not as exultant as many Republicans will be about this. I admit, I looked askance at Miers when she was first announced, just because I didn't know anyhting about her, and because I was rooting for Priscilla Owens. But as time wore on, i was a little abashed by the vitriol with which Miers was excoriated my many on the right, especially bloggers. I argued that there's a significant difference between not knowing if she was qualifield, and knowing she was not qualified. I was not convinced of the latter, and I felt too many were jumping to that conclusion.

Time has proven them right. As time went on, and I heard more, it became apparent that she was a less than stellar choice. And it was even more apparent that regardless of her qualifications or lack thereof, her candidacy had been severely, probabvly fatally, wounded by the opposition.

So I'm relieved that she has withdrawn. I hope the President will be more circumspect in his next choice. And I hope that if he does make a better choice, that conservatives will SUPPORT that nominee with as much vigor as they OPPOSED Miers.