Wednesday, September 28, 2005

DeLay Indicted

He's maintaining his innocence. Here's hoping he gets a fair trial, and justice -- whichever result that means.

Mondo Calamari

Thanks for the Memory to Naked Villainy.

We knew it was going to happen, but didn't know when. Researchers have finally captured footage of a Giant Squid in the wild. It occurred off of Japan.

My best friend Lurch is, like me, an avid fan of marine biology, especially of marine mammals. However, while my favorite sea creatures are the pack hunters, dolphins and orcas, he finds the sperm whale more interesting, because it was for so long thought to be a solitary hunter (though recent research reveals this to possibly not be the case). This interest has translated into an interest in Architeuthis, a favorite prey of the sperm whale. He's going to be geeked when he reads this.

Volunteer Blogging: Facts and Figures

I received a suprise email yesterday from the man who was in charge of managing the shelter. He stumbled across my blog and dropped me a line.

Here's what I found ironic. He was very kind in expressing his gratitude for my help. Yet I seem to recall that when I arrived every morning, he was already there, and when I left every evening, he was still there. That seems to indicate to me that he put in some mightly long hours. If you're goinng to be passing out kudos, Joe, better save some for yourself.

But here was the part of the email that most touched me. He's given me permission to publish it here:

I know I am rambling, but I wanted to give you some stats: In the 21 days of shelter operations, we gave over 600 residents a safe place to rest their heads. Over 2100 “non-residents” came into the shelter for services or help. When we closed on Sept. 21 only one person had to go back into a shelter (but only because his apartment was not ready to move into).
That feels really good.