Sunday, October 15, 2006

Preemptive Hindsight

DuhA Big tip of the toque to Ken at It Comes in Pints?

The next time someone on the Left tells you that the entire reason we went to war with Iraq was WMD's, and that all the other reasons were tacked on later, send them over to Fish Fear Me to read this entry and its linked references.


Nah, it can't be. Christians don't get persecuted.

Pun Fun

The Feared Redhead said to The Lad this evening: "Give Peas a Chance."

An Interesting Perspective

A tip of the Toque to HMIL at Teapot Tantrums.

HMIL has posted a column by Victor David Hanson, who is in my mind one of the more intelligent, erudite spokesmen for the right today. I recommend you go read it. As in, right now.

There's a lot to digest there -- not only about how we're presented with information on Iraq, but on the state of affairs at home.

Comeback Weekend

This weekend in sports is going much better for me than last. Last week, by Padres got dumped from the playoffs with only 1 win. My Ducks got their tails whipped by Cal. And in Fantasy Football, I lost for the second week in a row -- going from alone in first and undefeated to being in fourth with a 3-2 record.

Well, this week, the Ducks recovered well from their loss and trounced UCLA 30-20, re-establishing themselves as one of 3 PAC-10 teams to watch.

In the meantime, I'm up 13.4 to 7.0 against one of the 4-1 teams in my league. It's way too early to call, but if I win, I could move up as high as second in the league, since another 4-1 team is also losing.


Nope. After several reversals of fortune, I got trounced, 70.3-36.4. Oh, well, at least the Ducks won.