Saturday, January 08, 2005



This Visit Map I've added to my blog is cool and interesting, but it's challenging my map reading skills. I'm looking at the visitors from Europe and trying to figure out where they were. Most of them were poor unsuspecting sould from Blog Explosion, I'll wager. So far I've deducted the following dots: Trondheim, Oslo, Helsinki, Munich, Paris, and Lisbon. The other dot in Germany could be leipzig, but I'm not sure, and I'm stumped by the southern French one. Orleans? Bourges? Limoges? Can't exactly say. And is that Casablanca or Rabat Showing up in Morocco?

As for England, wow. LOTS of people from there visiting. London is obvious in its dominance, but I think I can make out Ipswich, Cambridge, Luton or Oxford, and Reading. Birmingham or Coventry? Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds are there, and so, I think, is Sheffield. I think that northeasternmost dot is Kingston upon Hull.

Also hello to Seoul, Canberra, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Singapore, Riyadh, Porto Alegre Brazil, Charlottetown PEI, Ottawa (or is that Montreal?), Winnipeg, Dryden ON (I think?), Vancouver BC, Whomever that is on the Kenai Peninsula (Homer AK, I'll wager), Fairbanks AK, and goodness, is that Whitehorse, Yukon Territory checking in?

Also a big hello to all my fellow lower 48'ers, too numerous to even try.

This is very very cool (YOu can see how easily entertained I am). It really brings home just how far-reaching the blogosphere has become.

What a Difference...

...only a few hundred feet in elevation make.

Here in the valley floor, it's raining and warm enough that only a jacket is necessary. But up in the Coburg Hills and other low mountains surrounding Springfield, it's snowing. They're veiled lightly by the lowest of the clouds, but what I see as fog is probably the snow itself up there. It's still just a powdered sugar sprinkling of snow, and you can still see the dark green of the trees (almost black in this light( underneath. The last few days, the weather's been teasing us -- dropping below freezing only when there's not a cloud in the sky, and warming up to the 40's as soon as we get any precipitation. Hopefully by weekend's end we'll get some of the white stuff here at the lower elevations.