Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Easily Amused

Digging through my pocket change this afternoon, I found...

Drom Roll...

A Wheat Penny.


Thoughtful Magic

Smallholder has published a post on Magical Thinking in which he argues that creationism is bad for democracy. He proposes to follow with reasons whit it is also bad for Christianity.

I have for some time avoided this topic on my blog, but have decided it's time to let my position be known. Before I do, I'd love for Smallholder to define creationism as he means it in his post.

Like a Bull Market in a China Shop

Thanks for the Memory to Publius Pundit via the Llama Butchers.

Apparently, there is growing unrest in China these days, up to and including riots. the Chinese are growing increasingly frustrated with the Communist government. And the riots are not just isolated in poorer parts of the country any more.

This could get interesting -- or ugly. Stay tuned.

Death Match

A while back I posted what I thought was a reasoned, respectful response to several posts by Naked Villainy's Smallholder. Happily, he agreed, despite Max Leader's attempt to sensationalize the debate. I'm grateful for both the gracious response AND the sensationalization. Combined with the attention it garnered from Who Moved My Truth, I am enjoying one of my busiest traffic months since before the elections.

Well, SH has now posted a response TO my response. I have read it, and it is well-written, thorough, and altogether worthy of a read. I will probably have a response in the future, but I wish time to weigh his words before I do. In any case, I encourage my readers to go give it some consideration. If more people disagreed with me as respectfully and reasonably as Smallholder, the world would be a better place.