Thursday, March 16, 2006

If You have to Explain It, It Isn't Funny.

So my good friend Vulture Six thinks I need to explain the name of my blog. Or at least the temporary name. You see, he's under the impression that I actually get new readers, not just the faithful dozen or so who visit me regularly. How special.

For my faithful readers, you get it, and it was for you I did it.

For those who might be new here, or accidentally stumbled upon my blog while googling for naked pictures of Giada De Laurentis (I have none, sorry. Giada's not that kind of girl.), the blog is usually called Memento Moron, and is a play on the old MEmento Mori. The Mement O'Moron is in celebration of St. PAtrick's Day, since I am part Irish.

Sooper Seekrit message to Vulture Six: Happy now?

Pity the Dog

Poor Little Big Dog. For the past few months, since The Lad began to crawl, she's enjoyed the numerical parity between the qudrupeds and bipeds in our household.

Her days of whine and roses are nearing an end. The Lad can now pull himself up to a standing-propped position, and will soon be a full-fledged member of the "erecter set".


Dang it!

I made some changes to my blog template to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and lost all of my customizations. I meant to save the old template, but lost it.

So no, I did not intentionally de-link anyone, and no, I did not withdraw my support for Jason Atkinson.

Getting there. Haloscan's back up (sorry to those who commented in blogger itself), but the spacing isn't right between the comments and the post below. I'll get there.

Top Shelf

Just got back to the office after grabbing lunch. Next to the Subway shop (don't act so horrified, it's quick, cheap, and it's a work lunch) is a liquor store, so I decided to splurge on a bottle of Clear Creek Distillery brandy. Good stuff. But I also want to eventually stock up on their other spirits. I'm working on a pear dessert I call Pears Mazama, after the mountain on which Crater Lake sits. I'm thinking their pear brandy would be a perfect ingredient in it. And either their Framboise or Kirschwasser or both would be great in a Sangria-style drink with a Northwest twist.

I've had their apple brandy, and it's excellent. Seriously, if you see anyhting by Clear Creek in your local purveyor of spirits' establishment, I highly recommend it.

Note To Vonski: Close, but not quite. Wait and seel, I think you'll like it. Don't want to spoil the surprise.