Saturday, February 23, 2008

If You Pray...

We got an email from one of TFR's oldest and best friends. I can't go into details, but her husband took a big career-related blow this week. It's a shame, because they're both really good people -- she's definitely a better friend to TFR than I am a husband, and they deserve better news than this.

I know she reads my blog, so to her I say, we're thinking of you, hon, and you're in our prayers.

I'd appreciate prayers and good thoughts for them from the rest of my readers.

Up For Air

Sorry for the even-worse-than-normal lack of posts lately -- I've wanted to, but we're in the run up to our winter fundraiser (The Classic Cuisine Dinner), and I've been working on developing and fine tuning the dish assigned to me. I'm on the appetizer team, and our dinner is highlighting regions of France. My dish represents Normandy -- it's a Terrine Pate de Canard aux Pommes et Champignons. It's been a frustrating experience -- all three of my dry runs have produced less than satisfactory results. The recipe we started with was for a cold mousseline, not a terrine, and I've had to adapt it -- because my Chef de Parti (and classmate) decided that the actual terrine recipe we had was too complicated and expensive. So we've taken a chicken liver recipe, switched it to a duck liver recipe, converted it to a different cooking style, and added new ingredients, including Calvados and chanterelles -- so much cheaper and simpler than just following a purpose-specific recipe in the first place. Grrrr....

Admittedly, I have made mistakes in the execution of the recipe and its permutations since then, but that just adds to my frustration. The dinner is Thursday, and I start prep work on the final run on Monday. I'll let you know how it goes.