Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where's Sous-do?

As you may have noticed, I haven't blogged in nigh unto a month. So where am I, ad up to what have I been?

Well, as you all know, I was job searching immediately following my layoff from the school job. I found a tentative part-time position, starting later in June, but in the meantime I'm still exploring other options.

All of that is on hold for the time being.

Well prior to the layoff, TFR booked us tickets to visit her parents, starting on the 31st of May and extending until June 16th. That is where we currently are -- the tickets are non-refundable.

My In-Laws live in Ft. Myers, Florida.

The trip has had its ups and downs -- mostly ups -- but let us dispense with the downs.

To save money on airfare (a significant amount), we took the red eye from Portland to Houston, leaving at 11:45 PM PDT and arriving at IAH at 5:30 AM CDT. I did not sleep a wink. I finally slumbered on the drive from Tampa to Ft. Myers. I still have not completely adjusted to the time change, and find myself unable to sleep at night and nodding off at various inopportune moents throught the day.

On the other hand...

I've slept in every morning. Happy hour starts at 4 PM. Daily activities consist of lounging by the pool, swimming in the pool, grilling near the pool, and eating/drinking as we gaze at the beautiful sky beyond the pool.

I'm partially wresting with guilt and frustration generated from not yet being gainfully employed, but between months of unabated work and weeks of nearly fruitless job searching, this is my first real vacation in quite some time. I'm also enjoying the Florida climate more than I expected -- this early in the season, it's not THAT muggy yet. I could easily see myself wintering in Florida and summering in Oregon.

Hell, if I had the money, I would retire today.