Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dads Unite!

Today I was both honored by a compliment I received and heartened by the theme of the Blog from whence the compliment came.

The Inner Dad is dedicated to all things fatherhood-related. Capital idea, and one I had a bit late (last night). Thank you again for the honor of being blogrolled and note I have returned the favor.

One request of you and of Cameron. When you link to me, Trackback so I can give YOU proper thanks.

Sign of the Times

Thanks for the Memory to The Urban Grind via The Unabrewer.


Feel The Burn

Blogmother Da Goddess has apparently had enough. Today she tears into her archnemesis Carl Muhammed, leader of the Communist Party in San Diego. It's a post chock full of ranty goodness, and by God, it had to be said.


Apparently, 'Tis the season to be angry. Ace also has some ranting to do, this time aimed at Ward Churchill and Eason Jordan.