Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mo Rocca is a Tool

I just got done watching some footage on Fox of some sort of black tie dinner/event in D.C., where Mo Rocca was "speaking", or as it appeared to me, "Spewing bitter bile disguised as a lame-ass attempt at humor". The event was supposed to be one of those "come together" events, apparently, and Rocca even pointed that fact out, even as he continued to crank out lame joke after lame joke, all aimed at conservatives. The thing was, not even the liberals in the crowd were really laughing. A few "Amen Guffaws" and embarassed tittering along the lines of "He didn't just say that, did he?" People seemed split between being insulted by and genuinely embarassed for him, and I would have felt sorry for him too, if he wasn't making such an ass of himself. I mean, from a comedy standpoint, he really really bombed -- rushed his timing, appeared nervous, and none of it was original or surprising... every single joke was telegraphed a mile out. He was like Margaret Cho on Prozac.