Thursday, October 07, 2004

Spain: One Step Closer to Being a Caliphate Once Again

Thanks for the Memory to Back Country Conservative via The Jawa Report:
(My thoughts in italics)

U.S. Marines Replaced by French Troops in Spain's Columbus Parade
France has troops (Thanks, Cindy)?

Associated Press:

In another dig at the United States, (In another attempt to appease the Jihadists in the Middle East), the Socialist government has dropped plans for U.S. Marines to march in a high-profile parade commemorating Christopher Columbus's arrival in the New World.

U.S. Marines have taken part since 2001 in the procession marking the Dia de la Hispanidad, which is celebrated each year on Oct. 12.

The Spanish invitation was first issued when fervently pro-U.S. conservatives ruled in Spain and was meant to show solidarity with the United States after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

But screw that, the US got what it deserved.

But the new Socialist government, which withdrew Spain's troops from Iraq (news - web sites) right after taking power in April and realigned the country's foreign policy away from its predecessor's focus on ties with Washington, has ended the tradition.

The yellow cowards who have taken over Spain, tucked their tails between their legs, and pulled a perfect Neville Chamberlain, have now decided that what the knife needs is a good twist.

Defense Minister Jose Bono said Tuesday evening there was still friendship and respect between Madrid and Washington. "What does not continue is subordination and getting down on our knees on orders from a foreign government, whichever it may be," Bono said.

Instead, we now get down on our knees on orders from Terrorists.

Instead, French troops have been invited to march in the parade as part of celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation.

So SPAIN is going to celebrate France's liberation from Spain's ALLIES (remember Franco?) at the time by snubbing France's LIBERATORS. Makes perfect sense.

A U.S. Embassy official declined to criticize the Spanish decision, saying simply that the Americans were honored to have taken part in the parade in recent years.

Translated: "If we here at the US Embassy actually said honestly what we think of these cojone'less, feckless putos, you collaborationist fifth column/fourth estate bastards would raise such a stink that Washington would have no choice but to offer us as sacrificial lambs. Who'll be laughing when Al Andalus is once again a Caliphate, huh?

-- Final thought: My wife spent time in Spain as a high schooler, and has family friends there. She really wants me to visit. I'm not so sure I want to go anymore. I prefer friends with backbones.

The Cruelest Thing a Wife Can Say

Uttered by the Feared Redhead at the Mexican restaurant where we ate last night:

White Boy, don't try to dance.

How cruel! How heartless! How cold! How utterly insensitive to my need to express myself! How uncaring! How... How...

How sadly true.