Monday, February 14, 2005


So I go off-radar for a week, and miss an entire Blog firestorm, and am left asking just one question:

Who the Hell is Jeff Gannon?????

Friend in Need

Please keep in prayer my friend Scott, AKA Vulture 6 of Vultures Row. Yesterday he and Mrs. Vulture were involved in an 8-car pileup in Houston. V6 is sore but otherwise OK. Mrs. Vulture suffered a broken leg and is undergoing surgery today. Please remember them both in your prayers and best wishes.

If That Ain't Love I Don't Know What Is

A few thoughts percolated to the surface as I watched the Grammies last night.

I am an unabashed fan of the Late Janis Joplin. I know, I know, her music was intimately connected to a culture with which I have quite a few issues. Nonetheless, she was a soulful singer who ripped open her chest and exposed her heart to all of us with every song she sung. Having said that, I must say that last night's tribute to her was, at least for me, a mixed bag. Joss Stone is a talented young artist, and she tried valiantly to recreate the Joplin feel with the unkempt hair, bare feet, and facial expressions. But her vocals lacked the conviction and raw power of Janis. It was disappointing. On the other hand, Melissa Etheridge really did "Take Another Piece of My Heart" justice, with her growly, passionate belting out of the song.

I was pleased that Loretta Lynn won Best Country Album of the year. Least of all because the #1 hit from her album is about my home state. Most of all because she's lived the life, and sings from her own experience. That's the beauty of the singer-songwriter. Furthermore, I was amused to watch theinteraction between her and her collaborator on the Album, Jack White of the White Stripes. I don't know if it was his own upbringing or training gained working on the album, but the Detroit punk rocker sounded like a real country boy, his entire vocabulary in response to her consisteing of two words: "Yes Ma'am".

Despite the fact I'm glad he lost to Lynn, I was moved by the message of Tim McGraw's song "Live like you were dying". It's good advice for all of us.

I loved the focus on jazz, and Queen Latifah's performance was great, but her backup dancers' moves seemed a little ummm.... "modern" for the song she sang.

Again, with regards to tributes, Ray Charles definitely deserved it. If he hadn't already been one of my all time favorites, his place in my heart would have been sealed when TFR and I went and saw Ray the night her water broke.

After watching Green Day's acceptance speech for Best Rock Album (or something), I've decided that the title of their album definitely backfired on them.

Kanye West's acceptance speech, on the other hand, was quite refreshing. That's a lot of wisdom for such a young man.

I stopped watching the awards after hour 1.75 or so of 3, some entertaining performances, but after a while you reach sensory overload.