Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sucks to be U, Dub.

Oregon 55
Washington 34

The Dawgs made it close in the third quarter, but once the Ducks got their offense back on track, they rolled. Except for a couple drives in the third quarter where their own miscues stopped them, the pretty much scored at will in the second half. 465 yards rushing (a school record), 661 yards overall. Here's a telling stat: 3 Ducks ran for over 100 yards, and one of them was the Quarterback. Oregon has defeated UDub and Wazzoo, now all that's left is to beat the Beavs and we own the Northwest. But in the meantime, we have three big games coming up with implications for our postseason - USC next week, ASU the week after that, and UCLA in four weeks -- the three teams tied with us or with better records in the PAC-10. Win all of those and we could be looking at a Rose Bowl berth, if not a shot at the BCS.