Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Way We Do Things Here

Vote by mail.

It has its benefits and drawbacks. One drawback is pople making up their minds and mailing their ballots before the 2nd. The upside is it may reduce last minute nasty surprise tactics. AND it may reduce the number of people who fail to vote based on premature election calling by the MSM.

Open Thread: New Addition to My Current Reading List

I am currently reading Treason by Ann Coulter. Interesting stuff. Here's the open thread part:

I realize that while most of my readers are fellow conservatives, there are a few liberals reading me, as well as some conservatives and libertarians who aren't the staunchest Coulter fans. So my question/challenge is:

Can you refute the claims she makes in the book? Spcifically, and with facts -- address the claims, address the sources she uses to back up her claims, and prove her wrong. Don't tell me why you don't like her, or are offended by what she says, or the way she says it -- I want cold hard facts. So if you've read her claims and can provide relevant, valid counter-arguments, feel free to comment. Otherwise, stay out of the way.

I'm honestly not being cocky about this. I really want to hear he other side of the story. If I don't, I must honestly say I'm compelled at this point to agree with her. If I do, I will honestly weigh both sides.

Help me out here.

Blogging Slow-Down

Due to the work schedule at my new job, I will not be able to blog as frequently during the day as before. Hopefully, I'll have a computer at home soon and can blog some from there. In the meantime, I appreciate the continued patience and support.