Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Will Food for Work

I've been keeping my mouth shut about some personal news, both good and bad, but I can finally let the cat out of the bag:

I've been frustrated for some time by my job. I like the people I've been working for, but the work never turned full time. It's not their fault -- El Vaquero is predominantly a dinner restaurant, with some lunch business and no breakfast, and daycare demands have kept me limited to morning hours -- hence the pastry position.

But a while back, I got called in for an interview at another restaurant here in town. The restaurant in question is in an excellent location, has a great reputation, and best of all, it's in a hotel, so they have a lot more flexibility in the hours they have to offer. I met with the Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant (who graduated from the culinary program I'm attending), then the Executive Chef of the entire facility (restaurant and banquet/catering), and yesterday, with their HR director.

So to make a long story... well, not short, but at least to keep it from being any longer, I got the job! I'll be making slightly more than I was before, I'll be working full time, I'll be eligible for benefits. And best of all, I'll be doing prep work -- the first step on the road to the line!

I gave my two weeks notice yesterday, and the Executive Chef at El Vaquero gave me permission to switch right away. I'm grateful for the chance they gave me there, and I have no ill feelings towards the restaurant or the management or staff there, but this new place is a better fit for ME, not just in terms of the hours and position but also in terms of the featured cuisine. This new place serves Northwest Cuisine, with an emphasis on Oregon ingredients and the use of sustainable, local products. The Executive Chef recognizes how blessed we are to live in a region and a state with an abundance of fresh, tasty foods.

I'm not going to mention the new place by name, I think that was a mistake when I mentioned El Vaquero by name. But I'm sure my local readers have narrowed the identity down to a select few. Regardless, be happy for me -- things are looking up.