Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So the Oregonian's not All Wet After All

Thanks for the Memory to Gullyborg at Resistance is Futile!

The Portland Oregonian has published an editorial by Michael Arrieta-Walden that is guardedly pro-Blogger.

For once I can be proud of news coming out of my home state.

Gray Hair and a Gray Hare

Thanks for the Memory to Woody over at The Inner Dad. He has some good insight on the disturbing news that Warner Brothers is planning to revamp Bugs Bunny.

I remember once reading an essay that argued that Bugs Bunny was the ideal American man -- clever, witty, loyal, resourceful, and unflappable in the face of insurmountable odds. I've been a Bugs fan my whole life, and cried when Mel Blanc died. Even as an adult, watching Bugs Bunny cartoons helped me maintain some tenuous contact with my childhood.

I'm not, you can imagine, thrilled by this news.

Blegging for Info AGAIN

Is there anyone out there with legal training who might give me a bit o' free advice (no, this isn't about the camera)?

A Darned Good Question

Thanks for the Memory to Mark at Head West, Turn Right.

David Brooks asks, or rather repeats, an excellent question:

Why Not Here?


The disease known as Freedom is highly infectious. Where do you suppose it will break out next?

Terri Schiavo: An Update to the Vigil

Thanks for the Memory to BlogsforTerri for the update:

Notice of Hearing - Terri Schiavo Guardianship Case

Announcement from the Schindler's media office
March 4, 2005 at 1.30pm ET (GMT-5) in Judge Greer's courtroom, the following will be heard:

- Emergency Expedited Motion to Compel depositions of Michael Schiavo and Jodi Centonze
- Emergency Expedited Motion to permit Terri Schiavo to receive rite of Extreme Unction in compliance with her religious faith
- Emergency Expedited Motion for permission to provide food and water by natural means
- Emergency Expedited Motion to permit Florida burial without cremation
- Emergency Expedited Motion for limited media access to Terri and visits with her family
- Emergency Expedited Motion to allow Terri to die at home
- Emergency Expedited Motion to not remove feeding tube when nutrition and hydration are terminated
- Expedited Motion for family access to Terri while she is dying
- Emergency Expedited Motion for permission to photograph and video record Terri with her family
- Emergency Expedited Motion to request the appointment of a medical witness

A half-day hearing has been scheduled to address these items.

Keep praying, folks, and keep raising your voice. Time is running short, but while there's life there's hope. Don't let them snuff it out.

Short Circuit Citied

I took the camera in to Circuit City last night. I had purchased what they called a "service contract" when I bought the camera, so I hoped it would cover damage not covered by a warranty. No such luck. Even though they call it a service contract, even though the literatur with it says free repair, it's really just an extended warranty and so does not cover accidental damage. So now I'm out the $319 for the camera, the $109 for the contract, and I have no camera to record the growth of my newborn son. I'm going to scrape up the means to replace the camera, because it means so much to me and TFR to have those memories.

But you can bet money on where the camera will not be purchased.