Thursday, August 19, 2004

And I Will Name Him Her George....

My apologies to anyone actually named George, but I always loved that Bugs Bunny cartoon.

My very first Troll! I'm so excited. Cb, a regular contributor of nuttiness over at the anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, chimed in on my post about Oregon:

War was declared on the United States of America 1073 days, 11 hours, 16 minutes and 12 seconds ago.

True, but Bush declared war on the U.S. And that happened when he and
the rethuglicnas rigged the election
and let 9/11 happen. Ever since then
it has been a downward slide to totalariasm.

Nice blog!

Why thank you, Cb. I do try to keep things tidy.

But oh, where to begin regarding the rest of your comment....

I'm not sure what's more amusing: Moonbats' insistence on tossing their verbal stinkbombs into the middle of posts that have NOTHING to do with their comments, or their insistence on clinging to the same tired old memes that have been debunked so many times before. I won't bother to fisk this little screed, because it's been so thorughly dissected, sliced, diced, gutted, cremated, and buried so many times before, in so many forums dealing with all of the nominally salient points as to be nothing but a rotting corpse of an argument. Nor will I mock it, as it has become so asinine as to be self-satirical.

What I will to is impale it on a pole and post it at the border of my lands as a warning to all trolls: If you want to comment here and disagree with any of my opinions, feel free to do so. But keep it respectful, keep it reasonable, keep it logical, and keep it ON TOPIC!!!!! If you want to pop in to fling poo, DON'T!!!!! Off-topic, non-sensical, disrespectful posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

You have been warned.