Friday, August 27, 2004

Maybe You Shoulda Thought About That Sooner....

Thanks for the Memory to Ace of Spades HQ.

More sheer insanity from the lips of the erzatz Empress Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Zha Zha Evita Peron Dixie Wetsworth Heinz Ketchup:

Heinz Kerry: Swiftvets Hurting Troop Morale in Iraq

Well, we know of one Swift Boat Veteran whose words and actions long ago started hurting troop morale...

Breaking her silence on criticism of John Kerry's war record by the group Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, Teresa Heinz Kerry said this week that such attacks are undermining the morale of troops currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I believe that discussions or attacks on [my husband's] service undermine the peace of mind not only of Vietnam veterans but of those now fighting for their country," she told the Dayton Daily News.

"Let us hope that if they volunteer for service their reviews are not going to be so nefarious in the future," she added.

You might want to avoid using the word "nefarious" when discussing the issue of your husband's past, darling.

Heinz Kerry reacted to the Swiftvet criticism after speaking to the AFL-CIO Coalition of Labor Union Women in Ohio on Tuesday.

The Rich Boston Brahmin reacted... after speaking to working women with whom she has nothing in common beyond her gender.

Asked Monday about the Swiftvet criticism by the Gannet News Service, Heinz Kerry responded less forcefully, saying, "I honor my husband's work. I honor his past."

Funny, "honor" and your husband's past don't exactly create a strong association to many of us.

"I may be wrong," she added. "But I have to believe that no veteran today, including those who don't plan to vote for my husband, feels very good about these attacks."

Except, of course, for the veterans making the allegations, as well as, oh, almost every vet I know.

All I can say is, please, please, PLEASE, Milady, keep talking. You're doing WONDERS for the campaign, REALLY.

Which one? Oh, you didn't ask me that.

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