Friday, December 03, 2004

It Hurts My Head

The level of ridiculousness to which some people will go to be PC (especially here in Oregon).

Up in Portland, in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the heart of the city, they have a tree lit for the season.

It's not called a Christmas Tree, of course, because that might make those who are not Christians feel excluded. That much I'm used to. What's amazing is that it's not even being called the Hannukah Tree or the Kwanzaa Tree or the Solstice Tree or the Festivus Tree or even, for that matter, the Holiday Tree. Oh, no. None of those. So what are they calling it?

"The Tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square".

Just... The Tree.

So if it's not there for the Holidays, why is there a tree?

Oh, it's there for the Holidays, alright. The Square's website even proclaims, "Each year, downtown's holiday festivities begin when Portland heralds the arrival of the City's most spectacular 75ft Tree."

So it's a tree for the Holidays.

But it's not a Holiday Tree.

If this blog becomes inactive, it's because my head has exploded.

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