Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Royally Good New Blog

Thanks to the comments section of my prayer request post, I was made aware of a fantastic blog, The King of Fools, which I have gone to the trouble of adding to my blogroll on the right. I highly recommend you check him out.

Of particularly high quality is his post of yesterday, Religious Right = Wrong? It is long, but worth the read. The best is saved for last in it:

I do not see the beliefs and voting habits of conservatives as the death knell of Christianity in American but I do agree that there are significant threats to Christianity in this country. The greatest threat from the outside is the movement to erase all evidence of the Christian tradition from our culture and our history books. Revisionism has transformed the establishment clause to read Separation of church and state. Freedom of religion has been changed to Freedom from religion.
There is also a threat from within: the natural decay of a vital faith into a casual half-hearted relationship with God. This is the natural decay, a spiritual entropy, which afflicts us all and is only kept at bay through deliberate communion with God and outreach to others. There is also the buffet-style Christianity described above, which is a threat from both within and without.

I believe we have to fight all these battles; first the internal, and then the external. And contrary to the rhetoric from the left, the battle lines are against the kingdom of darkness, not the red/blue state borders.

I agree 100% but would like to point out that it's my belief that, historically and ironically, the greater the attack from the outside, the more likely the Church is to face the threat from within. A suffering Church has always been a devout Church.

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