Thursday, December 02, 2004

Surgery Prayer Watch Update

For all those who have been supporting my family:

I just got an E-mail from my aunt Glenda, Donna's older and My mom's younger sister:

Hello all,

I just got a call from Wade[Donna's husband - ed.]. Donna is out of surgery and is doing well except for the following two issues:

The nerve laying against the blood vessel that causes the twitch was bigger than they expected so they were able to succeed 95%. Wade and I are not sure what that means. Is she going to have a twitch that is 5/100 as bad as before? That would be a terrible disappointment so please pray for 100%

Also, one of the possible side affects could be a loss of hearing on that side because of the close proximity of the hearing nerve or whatever. Apparently she was responding auditorily just fine until they finished at which time Wade said "it went South" and they will not know until she awakens whether or not there is hearing loss on he left side. Another opportunity for prayer.

The danger now is brain swelling.

Thanks you for your prayers

I second that emotion. -- Brian B.

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