Friday, February 11, 2005

A Voice From Out of the Haze

Just to let everyone know, I'm still alive. This past week has been just me, TFR, and The Lad. It's been an adventure.

I don't know if this is just The Lad, or astandard for preemies, but all those dire warnings I received about a new baby waking you up every four hours demanding to be fed? Well, that never happened.

Oh, no, this is much worse. You see, because he's a preemie, he needs to be fed ever 2-3 hours. And he'd much rather sleep. This means we have to reset our alarm after every feeding, then get HIM to wake up, then spend an hour getting him to eat (we were taught a new bottle-feeding poisition that has cut that time drastically, and he's right on the cusp of getting the hang of breastfeeding, so things are looking up there).

He caught his first cold this week, right at the same time that Yours Truly did, so you can imagine how THAT made me feel about my quality of dadhood. I had to be reassured by the medical professionals that I wasn't to blame. Thankfully, the cold turned out negative for RSV, but we had a nervous night waiting for the test results.

In response to those of you who pointed out my conspicuous absence from the photos posted, this was in YOUR best interest. Trust me.

There's been so much happening politically in the week I've been gone, and I've wanted to post oin it, but, wel,, you know how that goes.

Monday I'm back to work, and hopefully, at that point I'll have more non-baby topics on which to post. Until then, thank you all again for your prayers, your support, and your friendship. It's been more than I deserve.

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