Friday, March 11, 2005

Sweating Bullets is Bad for Your Complexion

Since The Lad was born, TFR has been on unpaid leave. She planned on taking 3 months off. Given our income, this has been a bit of a challenge, but between depleting savings, racking up some temporary debt, other creative budgeting techniques and tightening our belts, I figured we could do it.

Until today.

Today, TFR called and gave me an update on a meeting that occurred between a coworker and her boss. Based on the outcome of that meeting, TFR will probably not be going back to the same job on May 2 as planned. Here's why:

TFR is an esthetitican. For those of you unfamiliar (namely my fellow straight males), she is trained and licensed to perform skin care services at a spa -- facials, blemish extractions, and waxing services. For you ladies, gays, and metrosexuals out there who know just how obscenely expensive yet essential these services can be, you might be interested to learn that the average commission earned by estheticians for these services is 40%-50% of the cost of the service. Based on those costs, and the amount of time it takes to provide the service, that averages out to omewhere in the neighborhood of $18 per hour here in the Eugene area.

TFR makes nowhere near that. This despite the fact that she has a phenomenal reputation -- she has clients who are not only return clients, but who refuse to see any other esthetician. Clients who have moved out of the Eugene area yet still drive down from Portland and Salem on a monthly basis to see her. She suspects, but has no way of confirming, that she's probably one of the 100 best estheticians in the state.

So it was decided by her and her coworker, who also has an excellent rep and loyal clientelle, to ask for $20 per hour, settle for $18, and quit for anything less.

The Spa owner has not given an answer yet, but the odds are it will not be satisfactory.

Which means that I may be the sole breadwinner for longer than expected. And I'm unsure that my income will be able to support us for long.

Please pray, loyal readers.

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