Friday, November 11, 2005

Anyone Know a Serviceman Overseas?

TFR and I took The Lad Trick-or-Treating, becase we couldn't resist the chance to show off how darned CUTE he looked in a pumpkin costume. But he's too young to eat the candy, so we've decided to send it overseas to someone enlisted in the US military serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. Trouble is, we don't KNOW any. So I'm asking my readers for help: Do you have a friend/loved one serving their country overseas, preferrably in a war zone? If so, let me know, we'd like to send them some junk food. There's enough that we could probably split it up to send to 2 or 3 service personnel, but we need an address THIS WEEK.

I'm keeping this post top of the blog until friday. Thanks.

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