Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Plan C

I believe that I've mentioned before that The Feared Redhead works at a salon and spa. Well, this year, her job played a part in putting a cramp on plans for any sort of romantic Valentines Day, it contributed to alterate plans that would have made up for it, it put a monkey wrench in THOSE plans, AND it helped me come up with the alternative that finally worked.

About a month or so ago, TFR informed me that the company that supplies her spa with its care products (Aveda) was having a training session in Portland, and the spa would like her to attend. The training sessions were scheduled for February 13th and 14 (this Monday and Tuesday, obviously). Her plan was to drive up on Sunday, spend the day with her sister, then attend the classes, leaving The Lad with our nephew's nanny. She was to drive back tomorrow.

This was a problem. I knew it meant she'd be away on Valentine's Day, but I kept my mouth shut and encouraged her to go, because the training will help her job and means a lot to her. After she'd already made the arrangements, it dawned on her, but I alrady had a plan B. I requested tomorrow off from work, and the plan was for me to drive her up on Sunday, come home, work yesterday and today, then drive up this afternoon, take her out, and then come home tomorrow.

It wasn't to be.

This past Friday, she received word that the spa had made a mistake -- the training is in Salem, not Portland. That's an hour south of Portland. There was no way she could leave the Lad with me, and if she stayed in Portland, she'd have to keep the car with her, and commute to Salem. Plus, since she'd need the car (no relying on Portland Metro), I'd have had to stay home and take the bus or train to PDX today. That, coupled with her cold, led her to decide to cancel attending the training. All well and good, she's home for Valentines Day.

But here's the problem: all of my plans for a romantic Valentine's Day were based on being in Portland. We were going to leave The Lad with the nanny while we went out, and I was going to take advantage of being alone on Monday to go pick a nice present for her. With her home, that all went out the Window.

Then it dawned on me Yesterday that I could use her work to my advantage. One of my readers has suggested a Spa Day for TFR for Mothers Day. My response was that she could trade for spa services any time. But I realized, if I pay for it, it would be more special. So yesterday, I arranged it with her spa. I couldn't afford a whole spa day, but I arranged for a 1 hour Hot Stone Massage for her. They suggested it be scheduled for yesterday, since it's best on a day when she doesn't have to work later, and today is all booked up. So I called TFR, and informed her to be ready to go as soon as I got home from work. I watched the Lad, and she went and got her massage.

It was really good to see her so relaxed and happy last night.

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