Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Incredible Hulk Was a Dad.

As evidenced by an earlier post, I' m not a big fan of Nancy Grace. However, TFR is. Tonight, the coverage is, as usual, about a missing/abused/murdered child. In this case, the child of a woman who has since killed herself.

A couple of thoughts:

If things are so bad that you are considering harming your child and then taking your own life, and you won't seek help, I suggest doing things in the reverse order: Kill yourself first, then address The issuer of your child.

If any harm comes to The Lad at the hands of another person, I guarantee that I will not kill myself. Rather, I will devote myself to living long enough to make sure that that person dies a slow, agonizing death -- at my hands.

Seriuously, isn't that what parenthood is about ? Isn't one of our jobs as a parent to be willing to die or kill for the sake of our child? Isn't that the most appropriate resonse conceivable? How can a person even consider parenthood unless they are prepared to undergo that transformation, to become a monster towards others if necessary, to place your offspring before all other considerations, to die, to suffer, to kill, to fight, to be vicious or tender or strong or any damned thing it takes to provide your child, that perfect, sweet, beautiful little human with whatever he/she needs to be happy, healthy, alive, successful?

I can't understand people who neglect or abuse their children. And I don't want to.

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