Monday, February 25, 2008

Smug Alert

After my last post on the passing of a humble servant of God like Larry Norman, I feel bad bragging, so I'll preface it:

The Pate is still kicking my butt. I'm thoroughly exhausted. I'm having to create an appetizer with over 300 servings, and I'm doing it from the ground up, with very little assistance. I startedf at 11:30 AM, and by 6:30 still had only managged to cook down the apples and puree them and the meat (albeit, around 20 lbs total of the stuff) -- no slicing of the backfat, lining of the molds, no baking runs. Argh. I love charcuterie, but after this I'm sticking to sausage and cured meats. I'm sick of Pate.

And to top it off, that 6:30 finish (including dishes) put me 30 minutes late for my marine biology class, where we had our second of two tests, this one over cnidarians, the various phyla of worms, and mollusks. Here comes the moment of self-congratulation: I still finished faster than half the class.

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