Monday, June 23, 2008


My son's intelligence is just that -- frightening. At 3 1/2, his vocabulary is already amazing -- and it's not just how many words he knows, it's how complex some of those words are, and that he knows what they mean and how to use them in context... "privacy", and "catastrophe", for instance. On top of that, his grasp of abstract ideas -- we've given up on trying to spell out words or use synonyms and foreign words for things because he has those dialed in -- and today he finally cracked our "oblique references" code -- as I was leaving for work, TFR asked me if, after work, I wanted to go somewhere to pick the things that grow on plants that you eat, and he exclaimed with glee, "BERRIES?!"


I'm proud, but I'm scared. I'm just waiting for him to start eying the car keys.

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