Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Doom on you, Islamicists

Originally posted at 10:20 AM PDT 01 September 2004.

Thanks for the Memory to Rusty at MyPetJawa.

By now most of you know that the 12 Nepali hostages have been brutally murdered, including one who was beheaded.

What you don't know is that Nepal is the home of one of the world's fiercest, most elite fighting forces, the Gurkhas. They are not to be... ahem... "trifled" with. The history of their service to Britain and to Nepal is a history of bravery, toughness, and ferocity.

Now, Rusty shares some letters from Nepali readers that reflect the Gurkha spirit. If these letters are indicative of the popular consensus in Nepal, this may be one of the stupidest decisions the Islamofascists have made to date.

Quite frankly, while I offer my condolences to Nepal for their loss, I couldn't be more delighted by this response.

Update I:
Again thanks to Rusty, but I had heard of this on NPR. Apparently the expressions of Nepali anger are not limited to letters to blogs.

Update II:
Bravo Romeo Delta sets me straight on the distinctions between Gurkhas and Nepali warriors in general, called Gorkhali. Interesting stuff, and I appreciate the lesson. I don't think the distinction will mitigate just how badly the terrorists may have screwed themselves by deciding to pick on Nepal.

Update III:
Apparently the Nepalis have been to Drink This as well. I almost pity the Moongod worshippers. But no.

Update IV:
Keith at Anthroblogogy reminds us of a Rudyard Kipling poem about Gurkhas that the islamiscists may have wanted to read beofre pulling this.

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