Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Just Waiting for the spin Cycle to Begin

Breaking News:

Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader in Gaza Strike

Read the Reuters article. Make note specifically of this quote:

Bashir ad-Dabbash, 38, was the most senior leader within Palestinian territories of the group that is sworn to destroying the Jewish state and at the forefront of a suicide bombing campaign during a 4-year-old Palestinian uprising.

And start counting the seconds until the left starts excoriating Israel for this attack. Against a man who lead a group, and I quote, "sworn to destroying the Jewish state".

If there's a more clear-cut case of exercizing a nation's right to preserve her sovereignty, I'd be hard pressed to think of it. Yet this will be portrayed as more violent oppression by the Zionists.

If that outcry comes, and I am certain it will, I defy anyone to offer a rational explanation for that outcry aside from ignorance or antisemitism.

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