Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Round 2

Call from the Feared Redhead. She's been feeling the effects of her hyperemesis again (no vomiting, but lingering nausea), so she called her OB/Gyn. Apparently I'll be heading to urgent care after work to meet her, she's been told to report in for another rehydrating IV.

No panic this time, but I really hate seeing her suffer like this. Makes me feel like developing P.I.T.S..

She asked me to request all your prayers.

The folks at U.C. wouldn't give her an IV, despite what she'd been told by her OB/Gyn's office, because her urine sample was mostly water (don't ask). So now she has to wait until tomorrow, talk to her OB/Gyn again, subject herself (and me by default, but I'd rather not go into details) to some embarassing testing procedures, then go back.

In the meantime, she's feeling much... well, the same. PITS.

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